Our Services

Project Management and Planning

The Office of Project Management (OPM) is responsible for facilitating project initiation, approvals, consultant selection, planning, design, construction and close out for all Duke University new construction, renovations, infrastructure/energy upgrades and major building maintenance initiatives.

Utilities & Engineering

Duke Utility & Engineering Services (DUES) is responsible for managing Duke’s complex utility infrastructure, managing the purchase and operation of energy resources, and providing specialized engineering and technical support to construction projects, service contracts and the University.

The Energy Management team is part of DUES and is responsible for researching and implementing methods to reduce energy and water use at Duke.

Facility Operations

Facility Operations is responsible for the responsive and efficient delivery of day to day maintenance and repair of 171 University buildings and systems.

Landscape Services

Duke hosts a diverse and beautiful landscape comprised of quads, open lawns, athletic fields, gardens and plazas. Maintaining this landscape requires reseeding of lawns, replacement of dead trees, pruning of shrubs, planting and caring for the variety of flowers found around campus, as well as an in-depth knowledge of horticulture to provide for the needs of each species of plant properly.

University Environmental Services

Facilities Management acts as the steward of all University Buildings. Duke employs over 250 housekeepers who are responsible for the safe and effective cleaning of over 5 million square feet in University buildings. Duke maintains a strong commitment to helping and improving the environment through departments like Sanitation and Recycling, which work closely together to to promote proper waste management and reduction.