Emergency Planning

Emergency preparedness and emergency response is critical to the reliability of our systems on campus and is equally important in helping to manage emergencies that impact Duke facilities.  Emergency Response Planning is among one of the top ongoing actions also noted in our Strategic Initiatives.

Facilities Management must continually work to evaluate, prepare and respond to emergencies in accordance with Duke’s policies and procedures.  Our employees are diligent in their efforts to support the Duke University Emergency Management Plan and provide expertise as it relates to facilities.

The following plans have been implemented and are revisited and revised on a regular basis

Snow and Ice Management Plan, assigning priority for snow removal from University and Health System  roads, sidewalks and parking lots, December 2014

Steam Emergency Response Plan,  December 2014

Severe Storm Event Plan July 2014

Chilled Water Emergency Response Plan, Summer 2014

East Data Center Emergency Notification Plan, September 2010

Local 77 Contingency Plan, March 2008

Local 465 Contingency Plan, May 2010