Utilities & Engineering

Service RequestDuke Utility & Engineering Services (DUES) is responsible for managing Duke’s complex utility infrastructure, managing the purchase and operation of energy resources, and providing specialized engineering and technical support to construction projects, service contracts and the University.

Led by Russell Thompson, Director of Utility & Engineering Services, DUES is comprised of Professional Engineers, Analysts, Energy Managers, Licensed Electricians, Steamfitters, Mechanics, Operators, and Utility locators.  Services are managed such that they meet the changing needs of our customers, while maintaining stability and reliability of the University's critical utility systems.

DUES provides an array of services, including:

  • Electricity distribution
  • Steam production and distribution
  • Chilled water production and distribution
  • Domestic water supply and distribution
  • Irrigation water supply and distribution
  • Sanitary sewer services
  • Storm drainage
  • Water and environmental quality management
  • Energy and water conservation programs
  • Roads, sidewalks and paths