Grounds Services is comprised of the following units which are defined by their functions below.  These units provide a range of services to the University and Medical Center.  To access any service provided by the trades, submit a Service Request through 7i or call the Work Control Center at (919) 684-2122.

Accent Plantings

Our Accent Planting team provides planting special interest plants campus wide throughout the seasons through specific forms, textures, colors, etc. They are dedicated to beautifying the University and Medical Center landscape through enhancement beautification program.  

Groundcover & Shrub Maintenance

Our Shrub/Groundcover Maintenance team is responsible for the health and care of Duke’s shrub by pruning trimming, weeding, edging, and other work required in the specifications.   

Integrated Pest Management & Irrigation

Our IPM and Irrigation team monitors plant pest problems (insects and diseases) and treating them appropriately.  The irrigation team is here to provide maintain horticulturally acceptable growth and color and to promote deep rooting in specified area on campus.

Tree Care

Our Tree Care team provides general tree maintenance within the compounds of the University. Our workers provide services which include: chipping brush, cutting wood, and site cleanup after tree care operations among various services.

Turf Maintenance

Turf Maintenance is here to assist the University with ground care in the Medical Center, West Campus, East Campus and Athletic fields.

Grounds Repair Shop

The Grounds Repair Shop performs maintenance on over 400 pieces of equipment for our Grounds Unit.