Waste Reduction & Recycling

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Duke maintains a strong commitment to helping and improving the environment through departments like Sanitation and Recycling, which work closely together to to promote proper waste management and reduction.

The two units help manage solid waste and sustainability efforts at Duke while providing support for university-wide special events and routine preventative maintenance of sanitation and recycling equipment. Sanitation and Recycling also manage a composting operation to turn landscaping material into useable top soil.

New Mini-Bin Program

Duke is moving to a new waste disposal program to divert 88% of non-trash from going to the landfill. That represents 8,800 tons annually. We need your help. Duke is distributing new mini-bins: the larger blue bin is for mixed recyclable material, which represents 45% of our waste. The smaller black bin is for trash. Duke will also be collecting compostable materials in large centrally located bins in your building.  Click here to learn more.