Water Management

Water conservation is not new at Duke, which has implemented water-saving projects for a decade.  A national leader in the stewardship of the environment, Duke takes water management issues facing the campus, city of Durham and region seriously.

During historic drought conditions in 2007-08, Duke implemented many water conservation initiatives including the installation of tanks that can gather and hold up to 10,000 gallons of storm, cistern and reclaimed water.  Duke also distributed 5,000 low-flow showerheads to faculty, staff and off-campus students at no charge. 

As a result of these sustained efforts, overall water consumption at Duke has declined since 2007.

Faculty, staff and students can continue to save water by turning water off while washing hands, and reporting leaks, dripping faucets and running toilets. Fixing leaks and dripping faucets can save hundreds of gallons a year.