Data Request

Request access to energy data

The Facilities Management Department (FMD) welcomes the opportunity to work with students and faculty members who would like to analyze Duke's energy usage. In addition to providing data to support work by Duke community members, FMD can help students and faculty identify real, practical research projects that can both accomplish academic research goals and improve FMD's operation of campus.

Available data

Access provided through this form will include consumption figures for Duke's campuses, broken down by building, utility, and month.

Acceptable uses

Data provided by FMD may be used for general purposes within Duke University. Raw data may not be transferred outside of the University without explicit consent of the Duke Energy Manager. FMD does not guarantee the accuracy of the available data. Researches are individually responsible for managing concerns about data quality.

To request data, send an email to Energy Manager and include the following in your email:

Your name and affiliation (if multiple, choose the role from which you are making this request), and the School.

Explanation of why you want the data.

Description of who you may share raw data.