Building Utilities

Duke tracks data for these utilities:

  • Electricity
  • Steam
  • Chilled Water
  • Water & sewer
  • Storm water

Generally data are recorded each month for each campus building. Data is available for 5-10 historical years, depending on the building and utility. Electricity, steam, and chilled water, while measured separately, are also compiled together via energy conversion factors to provide like-to-like comparisons of total energy usage (expressed in kBtu). Learn more about Duke's utilities.

Data is recorded in a software package called EnergyWitness (developed by Interval Data Systems). This system is protected by an authentication process that requires individual Duke NetIDs to be activated for use.


Duke’s energy data is available to students, faculty, and staff who would like to work with it. Interested parties should contact Duke Facilities for authorization to use EnergyWitness.


EnergyWitness provides a graphical, browser-based interface, and a method to export data.

Energy Data

Within EnergyWitness, commonly used reports include:

Building Summary

This analysis tool provides a broad range of building utility information. It shows historical energy consumption and costs, the building’s energy baseline (based upon regression analysis), and tracking for both utility consumption and Green House Gas emissions.

Energy and Greenhouse Gas Reports

These reports provide a picture of total energy (in kBtus), and related carbon footprint (in MTCDE), for buildings and building groups across multiple years.

Utility Reports

This report collection provides monthly utility data for one or more buildings across any number of years.

Data Formats

Data exports can be in CSV, Excel, XHTML, and other formats. Several data samples are available. There is currently no machine interface or API to EnergyWitness.

Building Internals

Duke University uses Siemens' building automation software (BAS) to operate most University buildings. BAS applications control heating and cooling, lighting, and other systems within buildings. FMD has the capacity to log data about each of these systems, including air handling, power consumption, and chilled water circulation. Data can be logged at a wide range of intervals, from once a second to once every few hours.

The Facilities Management Department selectively logs data about specific building systems and features to meet their day-to-day needs, but these data are not shared publicly. Individuals with research projects can work with Facilities to log and review data about building systems of interest to them.