Energy Data Samples


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These data samples have been downloaded directly from EnergyWitness and are designed to give a sense for the data available in that system. The descriptions listed here represent the exact steps in EnergyWitness one needs to follow to reproduce the downloads.

Sample 1

Energy / Greenhouse Gas by Group by Building
University-A&S, University-University, All Buildings
Chilled Water, Electric, Steam

Download (123KB)

Sample 2

Facility Utility Summary
Engineering-All Buildings
All utilities

Download (545 KB )


Sample 3

Energy / Greenhouse Gas by Building
Chilled Water, Electric, Steam
Click Fitzpatrick to go into the By Building subreport, then Fitzpatrick again to go to the Monthly data report.


Sample 4

Data Crosstab
University A&S, All Buildings
Chilled Water, Electric, Steam, Storm Water
FY 2008-FY2012

Download (156KB)