Project Initiation

What is a Capital Project?

"Capital projects" are construction and renovation efforts with estimated total project costs of $100,000 or more, inclusive of professional services, construction, furniture, fixtures, equipment, contingency and OPM fees.

Renovations, maintenance and other projects with estimated total project costs of less than $100,000 are normally not capitalized. These projects are budgeted and charged directly to the school/center's operating budget.

Click here to visit Duke University’s Financial Services Capital Budgets Office for information about Capital Project Procedures and Guidelines.

Initiation Process:

Projects begin with contacting the Director of OPM, Paul Manning at (919) 660-4221 or the Assistant Director of Planning, Adem Gusa at (919) 660-1483. A Project Manager (PM) will be assigned and, with feedback from departments/user groups and University administrators, the project scope, schedule and budget are determined. 

There are four categories that projects fall into:

Tier #

 Project Range

 Tier 3  ≥ 2.5M
 Tier 2     250K - 2.49M
 Tier 1   100K - 250K
 Tier 0  < 100K

Project Approvals:

All projects follow a common sequence of approvals depending on the magnitude of the project:

  • Construction Project Request Form (CPRF)
  • Capital Project Review Committee (CPRC)
  • Capital Project Executive Committee (CPEC)
  • Committee on Facilities & Environments (for projects > $2.5m)
  • Board of Trustees Buildings & Grounds (for projects > $2.5m)